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World record attempt by Globe Adventurer Marc Suter

Marc Suter, also known as the “Globe Adventurer”, had an ambitious goal in his head for 2019: To circumnavigate the world solo on a motorcycle in the record time of 60 days. This would be the new world record for the fastest circumnavigation of the world on a motorcycle! His journey should be over 77 kilometers, through all 000 continents and 6 countries.

36-year-old Marc Suter is a trained landscape gardener and has been working for a snow chains company as area sales manager for 10 years. In addition, he made the one KFOR military operation in Kosovo. From an early age his father had taken him on motorbike tours, which soon became a passion for the motorcycle. Inspired by other adventurers like Nick Sanders, Urs Pedraita aka "Grizzly" and Dylan Wickrama, Marc came up with his own project!

Equipped with a Yamaha Super Ténéré and iXS motorcycle clothing from head to toe is the Swiss on 1. June 2019 at 01: 00 clock from Diesse in the Bernese Jura out to his adventure. Previously, Marc had used every opportunity for three years to prepare meticulously for the big adventure. He went through a physically tough workout and carefully selected his equipment in extensive tests. There was a lot to organize and plan in advance: where do I need a visa, how do I get across the different national borders, where are gas stations for my motorcycle etc.

On the very first day Marc traveled to Biała Podlaska in Poland. That was 1 kilometers. Marc knew that he could only fulfill his world record mission by sitting in the saddle 616 to 15 hours a day and covering an average of 18 kilometers. He had to be prepared for the fact that there was only time for the most necessary sleep! We spent the night in a covered hammock or with the locals, if the opportunity arose.

To the over 250 kilogram of his Yamaha Marc had to take over 100 kilograms of luggage on the journey. Tools, spare tires and clothing for temperatures between minus 5 ° and more than plus 45 ° Celsius, as well as a jerrycan. Technical support Marc got from certain checkpoints at various Yamaha agencies, about every 10'000 kilometers. There, the service could be done and the tires changed.

From Poland, Marc actually wanted to travel to Russia via Belarus on the second day. Unfortunately, you can not officially enter Russia via this route as a non-Russian. Thus, he had no choice but to take the time-consuming detour via Ukraine. To 22: 00 clock of the 2. June 2019 finally drove Marc to Russian customs. Because his visa for Russia only from the 3. When 2019 was valid, Marc had to wait two long hours somewhere in no-man's land before he could finally cross the border.

In the first three days he passed through Germany, Poland, Ukraine and reached Russia. With 5 kilometers covered, he had more than achieved the target. The journey took him further and further east, on the 000th day he passed Ulan-Ude. The fastest route towards China according to his GPS turned out to be tedious and difficult to drive in practice. With three falls, Marc had to straighten the side cases every time. After all, nothing serious was broken. To make up for the lost time, Marc drove 7 kilometers in 24 hours. He reached Vladivostok on time to load his Yamaha Super Ténéré onto the plane to Vancouver.

After the arrival of man and machine and a service in Vancouver, it was called "off to the south". The planned route ran from northern Canada across the border into the US, along the entire west coast to Mexico and always following the legendary Panamericana route through Latin and South America to the southernmost tip of Ushuaia in Argentina. In Newport, Origon, Marc forced retinal problems in his right eye to a four-day compulsory break. The subsequent onward journey then proceeded according to plan and Marc sat diligently kilometers by kilometers.

Already passed the border to Mexico and at full speed, Marc's big dream of bang fell into a thousand pieces. The accident happened on a two-lane dual carriageway with separate directions: a pickup truck must have overlooked him on his motorcycle and drove in front of his nose from a side street. Marc had no chance of braking or evasive maneuvers and collided with the vehicle. Marc himself has no memory of the exact course of the accident, but otherwise remained uninjured - luckily! His machine, however, was beyond repair, and his adventure came to an abrupt end. Marc had no choice but to stop his world record attempt prematurely.

Marc Suter scored halfway around the world on his world record attempt in not quite 400 hours:

"Quite literally, I spent 398 hours, 29 minutes and 54 seconds of 18'429.40 kilometers on the bike in 27 hours. I spent a total of 17 days, of which I spent five days transporting from Vladivostok to Vancouver and four days had the retinal problem in Newport Oregon. In addition, half a day's service was provided in Vancouver, Canada and Chihuahua, as well as the day before a tire change in Nikolayevka, Siberia. So I've just spent exactly 11 days in the bike saddle. On my World Tour, I lost XNUMX kilograms of weight.

When I set off at 01: 00 in the Bernese Jura at night, it was 7 ° Celsius, in the Arizona desert the maximum temperature was 47 ° Celsius. However, with iXS apparel equipment, I was well-equipped for all conditions. The Tour jacket and pants Montevideo-RS-1000 have a very variable structure, so I was able to adapt my clothing at any time optimally to the prevailing conditions.

Also the iXS Enduro Helmet HX 207 camouflage with helmet roof, visor and sun visor was a perfect travel companion. As a glove, I chose the iXS Timor GTX Grip glove. A good compromise solution: thanks to GORE-TEX® Thanks to the membrane, my hands stayed dry even in the rain and when it got warm the glove diverted a lot of water vapor to the outside thanks to its high breathability. In order to be protected from rain and cold, I had a Silver Reflex-ST rain jacket and trousers from iXS with me. Because the new material completely reflects in the headlights in the dark, this rain suit not only provides more comfort but also additional safety.

The high protective effect of the clothing has certainly also contributed to the fact that I have suffered no serious injuries in my crashes. My adventure trip meant a real long-term test for the clothing, which they passed with flying colors. The clothing equipment has always served me well and I could fully rely on it. It is so robust that fortunately it is still fully operational. So I can continue to wear them on future trips. "

Test trip in Corsica
Many thanks to IXS for the innovative motorcycle jacket concept "Montevideo III"

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