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With the motorcycle solo 78000 km in 60 days around the world

Even when I was a little boy,
My dad took me on his motorcycle tours.
So I was a passionate motorcyclist and I then made the driving license in the year 2001.

Often I read adventure stories from people traveling around the world, such as Nick Sanders, Urs Pedraita aka "Grizzly" and Dylan Wickrama, all of these adventurers inspired me on my next project!

I call this "a world exploration" because the whole thing is going pretty fast, I realize that I will not get to know the whole country properly.
But I'll get a little insight of it anyway! Wherever I like it, maybe I will come back later with more time!


My name is Marc Suter, I come from the canton of Bern in Switzerland and I was born on 01.11.1982.
Originally a trained landscape gardener, he has been working as area sales manager for 10 years.

I drive motorbike since 2001. First with a 125ccm Honda Varadero, then Yamaha DT 125ccm and then cross with an 250ccm Husqvarna. Then I traveled through Europe with a Honda Varadero 1000ccm. My new vehicle is now the Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Ténéré.

My hobbies are traveling, motorcycling, taking photos, mechanics, running, hiking, squash and kayaking.

My strengths: I am very patient and persistent.
My weaknesses: I am a bad loser ????

Test trip in Corsica
Many thanks to IXS for the innovative motorcycle jacket concept "Montevideo III"

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