6-10 day end of the stage

the 6 day was very hard because my Navi was the estimated route really in bad condition we (I and my bike Teni) lost a lot of precious time I had to catch up in 24 hours with 2700km piece but it worked I arrived at 10.June in Vladivostok we packed it through the whole night and now today the 11.06 Teni was loaded on the ferry to Seoul!

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  1. Dä Pneu would have no great power .... :-)
    Gueti recover from the steamer and lift.
    Marco ... the man with the crutch in Derendingen. Check the flow

  2. Hey Marc! Te un champion !! On est tous très fiers de Toi. Je pense que dans l'avion, si tu as le choix entre 3 menus tu vas prendre clairement les 3 !!! 🙂
    Repose-toi bien, on est avec Toi et Ivana en permanence !!!

  3. Dear Marc, I take my hat off to you, such a huge project. I've gotten your Kässeli up a bit, for a short time. Have fun, good health and a good luck!

    Your Tanti Brigitte

  4. Helli Marc, je vois que tu as pu repartir, super, économise ton oeil et vas aussi loin que pu le peux ... donc au bout ...

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