stop because of eye problems

One year ago, I had an accident and rammed a tube of expansive foam into my eye, tearing my cornea open. That went on for a week until it healed after that I had to rest for a year now and no more problems with it.

Now it happened again, with the dry air and dust on my 16.06.2019 the retina is gone again now I can not continue until 22.06.2019 because only one eye can see I was already in the hospital and the eye doctor.

Fortunately, Keith especially has taken me for the days with him he is my guardian angel he is himself a big motorcyclist and was himself in Ushuaia but in two years with his wife and so he could give me very important tips for my onward journey ! In any case, a big thank you for the great help he is for me!

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  1. Hello Marc
    I wish you a speedy recovery from the hospital Solothurn ...... got yesterday a new hip joint prosthesis. Will certainly only in a few weeks on the Töff can rise. If all goes well, I would like to do a round in Sardinia at the beginning of October.
    Machs guet

    1. merci hubi it's gonna go back soon i feel in top shape and just wait until my eye looks clear again 😜

  2. Dear Marc, I heartily wish you a speedy recovery and a speedy recovery. We wish you that you can continue living your dream. Your project is a delusional performance anyway, even when it's longer. Liebi Grüess your Tanti Brigitte and Jürg

  3. Marc, I see you are now in Mexico in Chihuahua. Good progress, and I hope the eye is continuing to heal. Be very careful with it, and do not forget those eye drops that the doctor gave you - every day !! Wishing you good luck and say travels !! Above all - Travel Well. -Keith

    1. hey thanks Keith yes now in chihuahua and tomorrow in Mexico City! tell me once you enter Mexico do not stamp the passport? or make an insurance? They simply waved me through

      1. Hmm - we had our passport stamped and all sorts of paperwork to do. Perhaps it is different now. Anyway, as long as there is no problem gettin out of the country, then nothing to worry about.

  4. Hi to all the followers of Marc's worldtrip
    Marc left Newport around the 20 of June after his eye problem resolved. BIG thanks to Keith Matteson witch what a great help for my son! At Chihuahua he stopped on Sunday 23 at the Yamaha agency where they organized the 40'000 km service (very good guys !!!). Next Overnights was at Aquas Calientes and Coatzacoalcos and Puerto Arista.

    Yesterday he planned to pass the border of Guatemala, but unfortunately he has an accident on the highway 200 near the village of Pijijiapan. For instance we dont have detailed information, but we could call him and he is quit well. Please wait for further information!

  5. Hello Marc, that's what you have to say about sound tracker est bloqué vers Pijijiapan ... quel est le problème ... j'espère que tu vas bien ... au plaisir de recevoir de tes infos ... Thierry

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