In not quite 400 hours around the half world

Now it is right! strictly speaking
I am in 398std. 29min. 54sec. Exact 18429.40km sat on the bike.
Overall, I was on 27 days traveling 5 days from Vladivostock to Vancouver and 4 days I had the problem with the retina in Newport Origon and 2x each half a day service in Vancover Canada and Chihuahua came before the tire change in Nikolayevka Siberia. So I'm on the road for exactly 17 days 😉

A thought too "In not quite 400 hours around the half world"

  1. Hello Marc, donc j'en déduis que tu it finalement de retour en suisse ... non ... Belle perf, dommage que tu ae eu ce problème au Mexique. Si la santé est ok, c'est le principal, le reste pour pour ré-essayer plus tard de réaliser ton rêve ... au plaisir de te rencontrer et d'en discuter ... A +

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