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My goal is to be on 1. June 2019 with the motorcycle solo to create a world tour in the record time of 60 days across all 6 continents and 36 countries.
This would be the new world record of the fastest world circumnavigation by motorcycle!

How does it work?
By traveling 15 hours a day and sleeping only the bare minimum!
Overnight stay in hammock ( Or
with the inhabitants of the traveled country via (

Technical support I get from certain checkpoints at various Yamaha representations about all 10'000 km. Then the service is done and the tires changed.

In case of damage on the way, I am my own mechanic.

Become part of my adventure and support me here!


My goal is to set a world record (the fastest circumnavigation of the world on a motorcycle) with an average of over 1 km per day, on average
15 hours. on the go per day!

Through my blog, all the people around the world can follow and support me.


Start: June 2019
Arrival: July 2019
With what: motorcycle / airplane / ship
Average journey per day: approx. 15 hours.
Km average per day: approx. 1040 km
Distance: 78000 km
of which effectively driven km: approx. 55000 km
Duration (motorcycle ride only): 50 days
Number of countries: 36 countries
Continents: 6
Price: 36000.-
KM not driven: 10059.3 km