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Follow me in real-time from the 1 June 2019-30 July 2019 on my adventure!

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  1. Hello Marc

    I was at your booth at the SwissMoto and had talked to your brother.

    I will follow your journey with great interest and wish you lots of fun and success. A challenge for you and your material.

    I would like to know what your solution for live tracking looks like.


  2. Salut Marc, ça fait vachement envie ...
    j'ai fait le cap nord en 2017 avec of the TKC 70, 13'500 Km à l'arrière et 18'000 devant.
    faut être gentil avec les gaz and ne jamais dépasser les 100 km / h.

    faut qu'on se boive une mousse.

    Lignières, c'est pas si loin, right?

  3. Je te trouve très courageux ....
    Est ce you courage d ailleurs? 80 jours aurait été plus raisonnable, ce que je crains ce sont les 16.00 minimum de moto par jour ... si tu tiens deux semaines, tu seras déjà un héros à mes yeux .... bonne route!

  4. Hoi Marc,

    Did you "skip" the "detour" to the Nordic countries?

    For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.
    D / \ N

  5. Hello, I know the nid ... bi gsi where it is because it will be impossible ... (i 3.5 week to Tadjikistan gfahre..uf 4 wheel Suzuki Wagon) i Fouge fasch every day dis GPS u muess saw BRAVO for dini! !! Blib drann u häb Sorg chumm läbig zrüg !! Viu Erfoug i dim door !! Motorcycle Gruess 😉 Pierrick

  6. Salü Marc, great, what you are doing and we are happy to continue your journey! Soon you are in San Francisco and we look forward to your next blog. Take care, good drive and best regards, Ira and Theo

  7. Hi Marc, I met you in Redding, Cal. I looked at your live tracker when I got home I was surprised how far you had gone. It was great meeting you. Do not let the fast lane rust. al

    1. tanks you Al hello together unfortunately, my trip is too early to the end of my head is totally destroyed (headlight, control unit, fuse box and the panel I just wanted to say thank you for your help

  8. Hello Marc
    Glad to see that you continue.
    Keep your fingers crossed that this will be your only delay.
    Greetings Marco

  9. Marc - I see you in Chihuahua now - I hope your eye is doing well. I want to follow the tracker to make your progress every day. Good luck to you !! - Keith

  10. Hello Marc
    As we can see you are on the way again ... .that I'm extremely pleased of course.
    I wish you a good journey.
    Put God before your eyes.


    1. hello marco unfortunately unpredicted to the end because I had a ufall and the motoradfront and fuse box is broken commplet aper I'm fine am only with a small Hirnerschüterung come of it

      1. Salu Marc
        I'm glad that you are doing well in the circumstances.
        For me, you're the craziest biker ever anyway. Even your courage to take such a challenge is world champion performance.
        I keep my fingers crossed that you find a good solution.
        No matter how you proceed ... you are and will remain the greatest for me.
        By the way ... Do not take lightness of heart lightly.

        Get well

  11. Hello Marc! J'ai entendu que ce serait la fin de ton voyage-rêve! Source malchance! J'espère que tu n'es pas trop blessé. Es-tu déjà rentré? Svp. donne-moi of the nouvelles! Je t'embrasse Elisabeth

    1. coucou Elisabeth un rêve est jamais fini 😉 c est ca qui est beau je veux me réjouir pour des nouvelles aventures moi ca va très bien mais la je suis en attente de paper pour envoyer Teni en suisse. salutation marc

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